1 thought on “American Legion

  1. As a retired mailman, your dilemma of upside down flag stamps is truly provocative and shows your attempt at being conscientious.

    YHowever, your unwillingness to purchase different stamps shows what a true cheapskate you are, and your wife should be apprised of this. It is nothing but an excuse for romantic laziness and cheapness.

    If I were them, I would send you a hat… like a tin bucket hat, so you can wear it upside down, and then eat swill out of it on the plywood scrap serving as a porch for your dog house.

    I’ve delivered mail to a lot of places, but not sure a dog house was one of them.

    If I were her, I’d make the mailman collect the postage at your end, too. (your copy of the divorce papers).

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