Rusty’s Junkyard

It is inevitable that writing letters to a large number of companies and organizations will eventually get you placed onto junk mailing lists. Initially, Rusty only received ‘junk mail’ from the places he had actually written to. But in August 2006, Rusty received his first piece of unsolicited junk mail from a company he never wrote to. WHO sold Rusty’s name and address to Communications Publishing?  (It apparently was not WTAM).

For now the junkyard list is still pretty small, but I expect that will change as time passes. Some of the junk items came in over-sized packaging, so the image scans are a bit cut off based on Rusty’s scanner limitations.

Josh and Chuck, of Stuff You Should Know fame have mistakenly identified Rusty as the source of all junk mail in their February 26, 2009 podcast on Junk Mail. Rusty’s letter to them, posted on April 5, 2009, has hopefully set them straight.